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  1. Illinois Shotokan Kicks Off The Tournament Season

    Competiton is what fuels many karate students. When the tournament season is underway you can feel the energy. The Jennifer Malloy Memorial Tournament was our first competition of 2011 and it was everything a competitor would want. You could feel the...
  2. Kick For Cure Event Off to a Great Start

    More than 400 ISKC students and some Kohl's Care employees kicked and punched at 4 locations to launch the 2010 Kick For Cures. As of October 24, 2010 we have raised nearly $60,000 to get the Kick For Cures off to an amazing start. This years goal is to...
  3. ISKC takes Gold in Greenville 2010 Nationals

    More than 130 ISKC students set out on a mission this summer as they traveled to the small town of Greenville, SC for the 2010 USA Karate National tournament. Their mission was to conquer their opponents to earn the title of National Champion. Many of these...
  4. 2010 USA Karate Nationals

    Sensei Mertel's performance was one of the highlights of the tournament. He never allowed an opponent to score a single technique throughout the entire tournament. This is the eight consecutive year Mertel has been dubbed the National Champion of his...

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ISKC Offers instructional classes for
ALL AGES from kids to adults!

Why should you take karate?

According to the park district’s karate coach John DiPasquale, the benefits reach into every aspect to life. As the founder and director of Illinois Shotokan Karate Clubs, and a four time national champion and former United States Team Coach, DiPasquale is well qualified to teach and talk about the benefits of the sport in which he holds a sixth-degree black belt.

The ISKC was established in 1978 and serves over 70 park districts for students, ages five years to adult, in park district and community center programs throughout Metropolitan Chicago. Well trained instructors, utilizing the principles of the American Coaching Effectiveness Program (ACEP), developed at the University of Illinois , teach ISKC classes.

Competing in these local and national events provide yet another dimension to their training.

Of the ISKC students who have elected to compete, many have come home with multiple medals and national ranking in major tournaments. 

ISKC is proud to offer our karate program, one that is a proven leader in its field.  You can feel confident that you and/or your child will be getting the best the sport has to offer.