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Fort Wayne native travels to D.C. on behalf of innovative veterans program

Fort Wayne native travels to D.C. on behalf of innovative veterans program

New Directions designed to combat homelessness, substance abuse

Frost Illustrated Staff Report

FORT WAYNE-They put it all on the line, risking limb and life to protect the freedoms of all who live in this nation. Yet, despite the sacrifices they make, often...

Both parties ignore inner city murder

Black on black, brown on brown crime taboo subject

By Larry Miller

Special to the NNPA from the Philadelphia Tribune

At the Democratic National Convention, a number of issues were brought to the spotlight, showing the vast differences between the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan platform and President Barack Obama’s administration.

On Sept. 3, the mayor of San Antonio, Texas, Julian Castro, electrified the audience with his speech, as did first lady Michelle Obama and Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. They touched on women’s rights, the continuing...

Romney shows disdain for the '47 percent'


Rev. Bill McGill

It appears that with each passing day, Americans of progressive conscience are given new reasons to work fervently to ensure candidate Romney's policies are never put into play.

He is making it categorically clear that under his administration, the poor would have very much to fear, because in his way of thinking they possess absolutely nothing worthy of anyone's cheer.

As one who is unfortunately only a few paychecks away from poverty, it is chilling to hear that...

Encounter Life Center starts powerful prayer ministry

By Tia Buchanan
Special to Frost Illustrated

Encounter Life Center is a hands-on training and life center. It is a place that empowers...

Derek Reeves: Not the anomaly you think

Romney shows disdain for the '47 percent'

Courtesy of Acoustic SpokenWord Café

“I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my...

Romney calls Obama supporters freeloaders

Unwittingly criticizes his own southern supporters

By George E. Curry
NNPA Editor-in-Chief

WASHINGTON (NNPA)—In a private discussion with millionaire donors, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney stereotyped...

African/African Historical Society Museum to travel to Ali museum

FORT WAYNE—The African American Historical Society Museum’s Annual Museum Tour is scheduled to travel to the famed Muhammad Ali Center Museum in Louisville, Ky., on...

Pictures From The Past

Romney shows disdain for the '47 percent'

Periodically we will publish photos we have in our archives. If you are the first person to stop by our office at 3121 S. Calhoun...

Local feminist, civil rights pioneer Uebelhoer passes on at 83

FORT WAYNE—A woman whose life work earned her a reputation as a champion for the rights of others recently passed away.

Joan Daley Uebehoer, 83, died...


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