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Dream Girls

Dream Girls

Civic production of Dreamgirls showcases stellar performers

By Chief Condra ridley
Special to Frost Illustrated

FORT WAYNE—Broadway came to Fort Wayne when “Dreamgirls” debuted at the Civic Theatre July 28 to a sold-out audience. A gifted cast of local artists made a dream come true for Director Dianne Shaw and actor and Assistant Director Dwight Wilson as they dazzled the crowd...

The role of a civil rights enforcement investigator


Cathy Serrano

This is the third article in our ongoing series, designed to provide you with information about the Fort Wayne Metropolitan Human Relations Commission (known locally as Metro). The first article dealt with the topic of Fair Housing and the second article dealt with the procedural process of a Metro complaint. Today, I am going to write about the role of the investigator during the complaint process.

Whether you have filed a complaint or charge with Metro (your local...

Local shooting incidents appear to be on the rise

Two shooting incidents rock city on same day; three shot in subsequent days

Frost Illustrated Staff Report

FORT WAYNE—It’s a sound many are saying has become all too familiar in the city—the sound of gunfire followed by police and ambulance sirens. Just last week, police officials reported that Fort Wayne was the site of four separate shooting incidents in three days—two on the same day—placing the city on track toward a possible 27 percent increase in shootings over last year.

At approximately 2:43...

What Should Be Done to Curb The Shootings In Fort Wayne?

Local shooting incidents appear to be on the rise

Survey by E.N. Smith

CHARLOTTE GAINES: We need a lot of praying will help curb the violence. We all should know God lives inside of each...

Motorcycle, social clubs to hold book bag giveaway for children

FORT WAYNE—A group of Summit City motorcycle club/social clubs have banded together to help make it easier for area children to go back to school...

Freedom signified by nothing left to lose


Brenda Robinson

Janis Joplin, American songwriter and singer who died of a heroin overdose in 1970, recorded a song titled Bobby McGee. This song...

Spotlight on Lillie Caldwell of Cald-Unlimited-Phil. 4:13

Local shooting incidents appear to be on the rise


Jeanie Summerville

Whatz up, babies?

I hope that all is well with you, and that all of you are enjoying our journey of love...

Memoir of a survivor: Vicki Matthews, Chapter 1 part 2

By Deontrai Matthews Source of My Strength

FORT WAYNEOn June 18, 2009, licensed practical nurse and CEO/President Vicki Matthews of Quality Care Training Inc. passed away...

Kids dart. Drive smart.

Local shooting incidents appear to be on the rise

Fort Wayne Police Department Public Information Officer Raquel Foster places a Kids dart. Drive smart. safety campaign yard sign in front of Frost Illustrated at...


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