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Healthcare system a major factor in African Americans' poorer health

Part one of two


Jonathan D. Walker, M.D.

When it comes to overall health, African Americans tend to do much worse than average. A few examples: according to the Center for Disease Control, death rates for black Americans surpass those of Americans overall for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and HIV. According to a study published in Health Services Research, white males live approximately seven years longer than African American males, and white women live more than five years longer than black women. Finally, African Americans fare far worse when it comes to infant mortality-their rate is almost double the national average.

There are a lot of different reasons for all this. Part of this is genetic- some diseases are simply worse for African Americans, such as prostate cancer and glaucoma (a disease of the eye). Another part of the problem is cultural; African Americans as a group tend to be more apprehensive of the healthcare system and are less likely to go to a doctor. Other factors include a person's level of education and income-these can play into lifestyle choices regarding smoking, diet and exercise.

But, there is also one huge problem that contributes to this negative outlook for African Americans: lack of insurance. And nowadays, most private insurance plans include such high outof- pocket expenses that it can be too costly to see a doctor, even if someone has insurance. This is known as "under-insurance," and it is becoming as much of a problem as having no insurance at all.

How did...

Reggae concert to benefit C2G Music Hall

Area physician assembles Yehuda XCIX to pay tribute to spiritual music form

By Nikki tabron-Booker

FORT WAYNE—“Reggae, is it a way of life for you?” That was the question posed to a...

Dr. Derek King Sr., Voices of Unity, Unity Walk highlight bridge dedication

Information courtesy of the City of Fort Wayne

FORT WAYNE—On June 4, nearly 49 years to the day in 1963 that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressed a standing- room only...

Civil rights advocates, historians laud King bridge

Frost Illustrated Staff Report

FORT WAYNE—For George Smith, participating in the dedication ceremony of Fort Wayne’s stunning Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge was another important leg in life-long journey....

Girl Scouts to host overnight party at Glenbrook

FORT WAYNE—The Girl Scouts of Northern Indiana Michiana are scheduled to present Glitz & Glam—a special lock-in night at Glenbrook Mall—June 22.

The evening is scheduled...

U.S. military splits over Africa anti-terror strategy

Civil rights advocates, historians laud King bridge

(GIN)—A turf war over Africa is dividing two wings of the U.S. military as they build a massive security presence on the continent while creating...

Spotlight on Michael Gaston, a terrific father

Civil rights advocates, historians laud King bridge


Jeanie summerville

Whatz up, babies?

I hope everything went well for you last week and I also hope that everything will be well for...

FWPD to host EmpowHer Safety Day for women

Reports courtesy of Raquel Foster Public Information Officer, City of Fort Wayne Police Department

FORT WAYNE—Have you ever felt uneasy walking to your car after dark?...

Snapshot Survey

Civil rights advocates, historians laud King bridge

by E.N. Smith

Are Fort Wayne churches doing a good job of serving the community?

Gabrielle Rucker: Being new to Fort Wayne and just getting set up...



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