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Facebook post raises separation of church, state question

Facebook post raises separation of church, state question

Editor’s note: The following statement on controversy surrounding the president’s support of same-sex marriages was supplied to us by community...

Oppose the president's stance without opposing the president


Brenda Robinson

What a difference a week makes! President Barack Obama’s recent announcement of his support for gay marriages was expected to be controversial. His declaration specifically was expected to alienate older voters. The president’s campaign advisors calculated some registered Independent voters would be displeased with his position. And, of course, Republican voters would further demonize the president, but a near zero percentage of this group’s was expected to support him anyway. The expectation was most African Americans would...

Do the right thing-vote GOD


Brother Kevin Howell

On Wednesday, May 9, President Barack Obama became the first sitting U.S. president to declare his support for same-sex marriage. To most Americans it may be seen as a political issue in an already heated campaign.

However, in our community, here in Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana and America, this issue is more than politics, more than a one-day headline in the 24- hour news cycle, more than causal conversations among our folks. The one issue, followed...

Will the president's political position on same sex marriage influence your voting in November?

Do the right thing-vote GOD

Survey by E.N. Smith

Nicole Smith: No, it will not influence the way I will vote. That is not one of the issues that I’m concerned...

Obama's support for gay marriage shatters some traditional African views

Do the right thing-vote GOD

(GIN)—President Obama’s recent remarks giving “his personal view” on gay marriage caused a carousel of emotions around the world, with many Africans, including clerics from...

U.S. forces confounded by unfamiliar African terrain

(GIN)—U.S. forces who linked up with Ugandan army hunting squads to fish out the Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony are finding their 21st century...

Fon Company marches on with plans for revitalizing company, community

Do the right thing-vote GOD

FORT WAYNE—Uniting together and trying to make a difference, Fon Co., UCA (Uniting Communities of America Inc.) and Do it Best are attempting to do...

Fair Housing laws define tenant, landlord duties, rights


Cathy Serrano

Part of our mission at Metro (Fort Wayne Metropolitan Human Relations Commission) is to enforce civil rights laws that deal with discrimination,...

Investigators seek to identify robbery suspect(s)

Reports courtesy of Raquel Foster Public Information Officer, City of Fort Wayne Police Department

FORT WAYNE—The City of Fort Wayne Police Department presently is investigating three...


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