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Reexamining Jim Crow

Reexamining Jim Crow

Famed philosopher George Santayana is best know for saying the following:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat...

Jim Crow also lived in Fort Wayne for a time

Frost Illustrated Staff Report

FORT WAYNE—While many today labor under the impression that the racist Jim Crow laws of the U.S.’s past were particular to the south, Summit City residents who lived here in the mid-20th century say that’s not the case. Fort Wayne, they say, had its own share of Jim Crow policies.

Born July 1, 1928, veteran civil rights worker Jacqueline J. Patterson was raised in Fort Wayne’s west end neighborhood, known as the Rolling Mill District to many, but...

William Hayden: The man who drove Jim Crow out of Fort Wayne swimming pools

Frost Illustrated Staff Report

EDITOR’S NOTE: In 2009, then 84-year-old William “Bill” Hayden gave Frost Illustrated an interview for the Black History Month edition outlining his experience with race relations not only in Fort Wayne but during his military career. On the local level, one thing that stood out was his role as an unsung hero of breaking down discrimination against black people in Fort Wayne. You see, it was Hayden who drove Jim Crow from city swimming pools back in...

''Separate But Equal''

William Hayden: The man who drove Jim Crow out of Fort Wayne swimming pools

High school student on birth of Jim Crow

By Assia Williams, Grade 10
Mr. Holmes U.S. Honors History, South Side High School


The very first day...

Black History Month honors legacy of struggle and triumph

By Louise Fenner
U.S. State Dept.

WASHINGTON—Each February, Black History Month honors the struggles and triumphs of millions of American citizens over the...

The confusion over ethnicity


Brenda Robinson

Most reasonable people can understandx why black people (we will later decipher this ethnic term, but now using it for clarity) continue...

Sing a song for sisters in black history

By Dr. Julianne Malveaux
NNPA Columnist

I am grateful and appreciative of Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the man who claimed Negro History Week,...

Antron Pearson's mom thanks Ellis Funeral Home

No one ever really thinks about it, but your life can be changed in a moment’s time. In one moment of one day, my life...

Snapshot Survey

William Hayden: The man who drove Jim Crow out of Fort Wayne swimming pools

by E.N. Smith

Is the current tone of political debate helpful or harmful to the nation?

Steven J Radford: The current political climate is extremely toxic. Nothing...

Spiritual Matters

Black History Month