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Snapshot Survey

Published as part of the February 13, 2013 edition.

Snapshot Survey

by E.N. Smith

How are you celebrating Black History Month?

Angie Stephens: We are having various celebrations at my church, Mount Calvary Baptist Church. I will wear one of my African dashikis this coming Sunday. I will watch plenty of programs that talk about my black heritage

Anthony Washington: This year, I plan to pick two or three names of some of our black ancestors and do some research, then share what my brother and I came up with in a family gathering.?

Kevin Clopton: I'm helping my daughter do a research paper on Alicia Keys. I wish we had more visible programs that I could attend in Fort Wayne.

Danielle Brooks: As a teacher, I will definitely take the opportunity to educate my students about "our" history regardless of our different ethnic backgrounds. I love using this time to show how important it is to value what we have today and to appreciate what has been done for us.

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